Ludwig 100th Anniversary Kit


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My name is Justin. I am a 36 year old musician from southeast Missouri and after learning how to play guitar, sing, shred, all scale shapes & modes, I have surprisingly went back to my origin with playing drums.

I played drums in a band with my twin brother, Jason, throughout my high school years and he had a tragic car accident in 2002 that took his life.

I have yet to play with another band and after 20 years of learning all the fundamentals of music and finishing my degree in college, I purchased a beautiful set of drums and absolutely forgot how much fun I can have while playing them.

The set I decided on is rather interesting and researching the origin of them ends up leading me in so many different directions without an answer.

I look forward to being an inspirational to many of you being a new member to the forums.


These drums sound phenomenal and I am hoping that one of you can help me learn more about the origin of them or what they are made of. I will pick up pretty quick.20211001_195235.jpg20211002_163345 (2).jpgScreenshot_20211004-144654.jpg

There is also the 100th anniversary free Tom with mount. (Not pictured)


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I sure appreciate the link.

This set has a 22" bd with just 8 lugs. The set on the link has a bd with 10 lugs.

Do you think they are still made of the same shells?


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Here's a Element 100th Ann. on Reverb. 8 lug on a 22.

So I found they had 2 versions. I learn something every day. Here's a catalog pdf ......

The catalog shows the Lacquer finished have the 10 lug bass drum. And the shell make-up the MusicRadar mentioned. What looks to be the "standard" kit, has the 8 lug bass drum ..... and possibly the shell formula is different. It states only 6 ply's of "select Hardwood shells".
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