Lp raw series, anyone doin' it with it?


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Saw the lp raw series in Guitar Center the other day looks pretty nifty, kind of makes me wonder if anyone is actually using those instruments. Seems like the kind of thing that would be too loud for traditional street performers, yet somehow too difficult to mic. It does kind of have that industrial aesthetic, somewhere between concert toms and a bucket, that I find kind of appealing. I could see some punks bashing on it, then later at dinner using the garbage can lid for a dinner plate.


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Saw them at the DW factory showroom in May; interesting stuff that fills a gap…somewhere.

John Lamb

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That garbage lid snare sounds like a loud Ocean Drum. There's a lot of sounds you can pull from it, and it is incredibly meditative. The ocean drum is consistently one of my student's favorite percussion toys to play with (and I have a lot to choose from )


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Currently I use a DW 5 piece kit. 10, 12, 14, 20, 14. I had been thinking about buying a 16 or 18 floor tom. I've tried one of these at Guitar Center and the 18" really booms with a lot of warm lows.

Instead of spending the $1200 on a 16" DW floor tom, I plan to get the 18 LP Raw Series. It does everything I could hope for and will make a great addition as a floor tom.

Now the metal "drum" top raw series sound like pots and pans. I've only been impressed with the floor tom style.


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I think the trash snare is interesting, its seems like a drum you could have multiple uses for. The Potz or whatever they're called I find kind of insulting though honestly. They're literally cooking pots with a mount on them... which is fine, but not for 50$. I'd rather go to a thrift store.


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I was also impressed with the street cans when I played them in GC. I was thinking about getting one to use on the left side of the hats like a mini gong drum or floor tom.