Low weight double tom stand


Everyone is selling the low weight gear, hi hat (all of those are crap), cymbal, snare stand, but what about a tom stand? DW has the 3900 "low weight" but it weighs in 2 lbs heavier than the average rack from Tama, Gretsch, or Pearl.

Does anyone offer a low weight double tom rack? Gibraltar says no. DW just supports


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Not sure you want a "low weight" double tom stand. If you're mounting two toms off one stand, you want that stand to be pretty beefy. You mention that the DW Low weight stand is two pounds heavier than an average rack tom. It would need to be. If the stand weighs less than the drum or drums it is holding.....what do you think is going to happen?

I love using lightweight hardware, but a double tom stand is definitely not something you want to be lightweight.


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I don't think you want, nor will you find, a lightweight double tom stand. This is why standard floor toms are easier to deal with for me - 3 floor tom legs (or 6 if you have 2 of them) are much lighter than a tom stand (double, single, doesn't matter).