low hi-hat stands.


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Does anyone know of any brand of hi-hat stands where you can lower the cymbals to be level (height wise) to your snare stand?,
Might etc appear etc strange, unusual&weird,
BUT if the cymbals (height) are set up high (or normal position) ,
I get both cramp&fatigue in my arm&wrist,
If it's set at a low height,
I DON'T have to raise my arm&hand so high (carpal tunnel syndrome),
Hope this thread makes sense?,


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You might want to try a remote hi hat. I have a DW 9000 and it mounts on a cymbal stand at whatever height you want. Gibraltar also makes or did make a a hi hat stand that pivoted in the middle that would accommodate your needs. JW


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Some of the cheaper stands are lower than usual - Sonor 100, Tama 42.

As someone said, you can cut down the inner tube so it slides down further. The limit is the point where the upper inside rod screws into the lower rod.

You can also raise your seat so you’re not reaching up as much.


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Another vote for the hacksaw. The Armory stuff is good, but hacksawing costs nothing. I do that to many of my stands. Especially ride cymbal stands and snare stands. I also cut off any extra tube that's unseen inside the stand. For weight savings.