Low boy snow shoe.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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I'm just wondering if there's anyone making traditional looking reproductions of these things?

I'm guessing anyone in posession of traditional ones would never let them go or charge an arm and a leg.

I know DW make a low boy, but it doesn't look the part at all.

I guess I could have a go at making them myself, but that sort of represents the same problem, as I need a closer look.


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I bet if you used an old flat based hi hat stand you could make one easily. Cut the tube at desired height, get an appropriate cymbal seat (the top tube is smaller, it's seat won't fit), and cut the rod to however short you need it. Done.

Not an exact replica, but should work just fine. If the return spring needs to be removed for height, you can put it on the rod between the cymbals.


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It look like all you need is a 2x4, hinge, and leather for the snowshoe and you'd be well within the spirit of it.