Lovin' the 24" Sabian B&U HH King Ride.

mike d

Silver Member
I've had it for a couple weeks now, and I must say it's my favorite. It has a more defined ping than most my other rides, with the exception of my HHX Leopard ride which was all ping and no wash. It has a nice controllable graduation of wash from none at the bell to more at the edge, and then the side sticking on it produces a really nice dirty crash/ride. Very versatile and musical for the music I like (Blues, R&B, Rock).


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I am glad to hear that you enjoy it. This ride is indeed king (pun intended). I am hoping to someday score one used off of eBay or Reverb. 24" rides have been my favorite for a long time ever since I bought my 3799-gram Meinl Byzance Traditional Medium Ride, and while an HH King Ride would be darker than my other cymbals, I am pretty sure that I would play it more than enough to justify buying one. I have played on quite a few of them at various music stores, and I wish I had bought one instead of the 22" K Custom High Definition Ride that I acquired in late 2016 and sold last month. The K Custom was so dry that it was practically lifeless, while the King Ride is still just as dark and articulate, but has more wash and vibrance to its tone that give it much greater versatility than I could ever hope for in the K Custom. It is a beautiful ride.