Louis Bellon’s Modern Drummer Ad Consent Letter

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Louis Bellson’s Modern Drummer Ad Consent Letter

Louis Bellson’s Modern Drummer Ad Consent Letter

SKF NOTE: I came across this letter in one of my old notebooks. One of my non-writing ideas at Modern Drummer was the “Who Reads Modern Drummer?” endorsement ads. The idea was simple: A drummer gives his or her written endorsement of MD,*allowing us to use their photo. MD, in turn, features the drummer in a full-page ad. (See Ed Thigpen’s ad after Louis Bellson’s letter.)

That ad campaign ran for a couple of years, I think.

This is Louis Bellson‘s “Who Reads Modern Drummer?” consent letter. It’s interesting he was a Slingerland endorser at the time. Also, of interest: Louis uses an “S” at the end of his name instead of an “E,” which is used today on his official web site.

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Tony Trout

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Cool! I love seeing artifacts like this!!! If I recall, Bellson was an influence on my favorite drummer, Ronnie Tutt.

(However, I will say that, in all fairness, I have come to learn to appreciate other drummers over the years as well. Not just one single drummer since I just love drums, period!! I like Billy Thomas, who is Vince Gill's current drummer and he also once worked with the late Rick Nelson on Nelson's appearance on the SNL show from February, 1979. This was told to me by guitarist and friend, John Beland, who was Rick's guitarist at the time before he quit and Bobby Neal moved from rhythm guitar to lead guitar and Rick hired an all-new band made up of, Andy Chapin; Ricky Intveldt; Bobby Neal & Pat Woodward).