Louie Bellson 1991.


Hi Drummerworld, I was recently sent this 24 year old clip of one of my bands performing a Duke Ellington tribute with Louie Bellson. We were playing his composition "Skin Deep." It's mostly his solo and I was happy to be with him when he was still in high form. My son Matt was 18 months old, cried the whole time, then threw up on Louie backstage. Then they were pretty good friends the rest of Louie's life. I remembered the Drummerworld folks and thought you might enjoy it.



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Matt threw up on Louie Bellson. Great story lol. Thanks for that story and that great clip too Mr. Smith. Please give Matt our best. He's missed.


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Matt threw up on Louie Bellson. Great story lol.
Isn't it? Whenever I throw up on someone, it tends to not work out so well.

And yeah, best to Matt. Tell him to swing by sometime to say, "hello."
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