Lou Reed & Metallica :(

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Well it's million miles away from Velvet Underground's Moe Tucker's drumming...

Didn't like the singing neither....

I don't know why they bother to be honest, I prefer Lou Reed and Metallica in their own stuff.

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From musicians regarded at the top of their game...
I think Metallica is several years past the "top of their game". The instruments are pretty tight but the mash up is a bit silly. It reminds me of a Sonics' track where they let the village idiot sing on a a rendition of Jingle Bells.


I like Reed's 'Metal Machine Music' because it has serious balls. This has balls too but I'm yet to be convinced.

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Metallica better hang it up soon or the majority of their catalog is going to be "the stuff they made after they started to suck". If your early albums were considered great, but the rest stink like dead turtles, why would you want to bury the good ones even further under a pile of garbage.

I swear Metallica sold their souls to make those early hit albums and now they are intentionally making horrible records to try and earn God's forgiveness. Like a kid putting the stolen candy back on the shelf.


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Andy, my impression of Lars here is he's serving up a load of turgid old slop. Spirited slop, to be sure, but sloppier than almost anything you'll see on TV apart from jokey talent quests.

As for all the boos and hisses, really, there's plenty worse stuff than this around. As Duncan said, it's a bold experiment. Why not try something new? They've made their fortunes. Might as well try something new. If they have any sense they'll part ways soon and move on to the next experiment and hope the chemistry is better.

I guess everyone's just disappointed because both Lou and the band have done much better music in the past. Just to cheer everyone up, here's Lou with a crack band: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FdWPeHFAMk

And here's Lou right at the top of his game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwzaifhSw2c

PS. Duncan, I always thought Metal Machine Music was Lou just taking the piss in order to get out of a contract ...


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Lou Reed looked and sounded as if he was reading from note cars. I am neither a Metallica or metal fan and that was garbage. James was definitely acting for the cameras and looked too fake.

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I'm not a fan of Metallica and come to this without prejudice. I think Metallica might have been rather ill-served by Lou Reed here. I suspect that L.R. is serving us up a deliberate pastiche. In interview he expresses nothing but contempt for the music/entertainment industry. I've no doubt he now sees himself as an artist who uses music as him medium rather than paint or video or whatever.

And as a pastiche you have to say it works. Uncomfortable viewing and listening certainly but that is consistent with the goals of most modern art. The juxtapositions in performance as between LR and Metallica are fantastic. He couldn't have picked a better set of foils for the pastiche. The gurning and the shape throwing by the members of Metallica verses the almost non-performance by Reid and then that final distorted guitar chord by LR at the end: that is just pure contempt in a chord. Ha ha!

I have a horrible feeling that Lou Reed would be very happy to hear fans of Metallica say how awful this was.

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Interesting comment, TMS. Yeah, LR is an avant garde type of musician. Sometimes they just throw sh*t against the wall to see if it sticks.


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This has got to be the worst mash up I've heard. Sometimes people just try too hard to be cute, Never works.



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one by metallica is what got me into drumming. I havn't listened to metallica in years ... lars is a hack and metallica turned to shit after .. justice. megadeth's newer cd's are better than m,etallica's new cds .. it makes me sad that the band that made me want to be a metal drummer forgot how to play their music