Lost some precious stuff.

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You don't have to say that twice. "C" virus pandemic, wildfires out of control, hurricane floods, rioting in our streets, attempts to rewrite history, politicians that are oblivious to what matters most, and drums getting stolen. I suppose I can deal with most of it, but stealing drums? Never. Stealing period makes me angrier than just about anything. I'm hoping 2021 is better for you, and all of us. Now I gotta go wash my hands again and adjust the straps on my mask.
The thing that pisses me off about stealing instruments from some random band is that it is NEVER stealing from the rich. It’s just screwing over some guys who probably struggle to pay rent.


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Our storage space got ripped off in college. My bros guitar amp and rack were stolen. Filed police report. No cameras as it was the 80's. Insurance covered it.
Two years later I was in the town record store. There was a guy talking to the employee for a while. Then he used the store phone to make a call and started mentioning equipment he was selling to the guy. And he mentioned all the stuff he stole from us. And he walked out.
I asked the employee who the guy was and that I was interested in his equipment. Got his name and address.
Called the cops and met them there. He got busted. But it does not end there.

A year or less later someone stole a shitload of computers from the school. My brother was in a film class and everyone had done 16mm short films. My bro got an internship cause his film was great. There was another good film done by a person who shot it in his apartment. After the show it was viewed several times by faculty and the police because there were a pile of boxes in the background. Computer boxes. He got busted for the college computer theft. And he was roommates with the guy who stole my brother's guitar stuff.

You cannot make up stuff like this. Lol
Busted Scumbags is good!