Looks a little weird but it sounds good!

Bo Eder

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So when I got my Pearl Rhythm Traveler, I had two issues: single-headed toms don’t cut it, and you can’t ask that 5x13 snare to act like your usual (insert your favorite snare here).

I decided to jettison the three concert toms and added a 8x12 rack tom and a 14x14 floor tom.

I tried making the snare act better by installing a P-85 strainer, PureSound wires, and good heads, but nothing seems to help it, so I’ll probably never use that drum.

But overall, the kit sounds great. If you leave both bass drum heads on with no port on the front, it can be boomy. I may add a felt strip to the front head to deaden it down some (I think porting the front head might be too much muffling for the shallow depth). I also managed to find some 20” wood hoops for it, so I should see those this Friday.

Even cooler is the fact that it’s a 12/14/20 Downbeat kit that fits in my backseat with hardware! It’s a Frankenstein kit, but I think it will hold its own on a gig. I can’t wait to try it out with the band.


Bo Eder

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You know, I uploaded the pictures from my phone, and I don't know why it flipped the images on their side.


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I got to play one of these and they're perfect for smaller sized stages and practice. I had a PureCussion kit many moons ago & this is like the next step up.
Good shape too.

Trip McNealy

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I used to gig small pubs with a Pearl Rhythm Traveler kick as well, and with an Aquarian SKII batter and unported stock reso of choice it had a deep, full, and projecting sound. Enjoy!


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I wish the RT kits were still in production. I know it's not ultimate tone, but it's fine, and for my gig life, More than enough. I'd pick one up in a heartbeat if they went back into production.


Nice! I recently picked up a pearl midtown kit and I just gigged it as a 3pc (kick, snare, floor tom) with tremendous success. Totally unmiced I still cut straight through a decently loud 4 member band I was filling in with. The snare is more serviceable then the one you mentioned having trouble with but it's still nothing to write home about, handles low tunings well but chokes out very easily at higher tunings.