Looking while playing


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err I look when im learning, but mostly end up "counting": rather than looking and find if I close my eyes I learn more quickly..... I do duff occasionally but I am spacially aware enough about my kit not to have a look.

I would be crap at sight reading and playing..I need to learn the count in of the rythm step by step.

Once I have got into the groove I play with my eyes shut and just listen to see if it sounds right.

But Im not in a band (yet) as I am moving soon...might have to look then hehe


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You guys ever been in one of those venues where they control all the lighting and it goes totally dark sometimes while you're still playing(not to mention that seconds previous, there was a hot bright light right in your eyes so they have to adjust)? I found that to be a bit annoying when I was trying to find my ride bell in near total darkness at one point.