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So I have come a very reasonable conclusion that I can't bring my drums out to college next year (duh). I still want to have something to play around on. Of course I am going to bring my pad but I still want to jam with a guitarist if the chance arouses. I was thinking that a set of bongos would be nice to have. But I know nothing of hand drums.

My school has the LP Giovanni bongos. We normally buy high grade stuff and by the price on various websites, I'm thinking that those are high grade. I'm not looking to spend nearly that much but I want at least SOME quality. I know LP is a reputable brand so I went looking into them. Would you guys recommend the Matador Series. How about the Performer series?



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Good luck with your education.

I am glad that you are thinking out of the box and are looking at hand percussion. Believe it or not, right under our noses, there is another drumming community devoted to bongos, congas and other latin influenced music. They can answer your questions. A good place to start is to check out:

While I am also a bongo player, I would recommend you consider the frame drum or cajon if you are living in an apartment or residence. Bongos have limited appeal and application in my opinion. Frame drums and cajons are more condusive to accompanying an acoustic guitar in a wide variety of musical traditions. A frame drum is easily portable so you can take it to the park, the beach or a friend's house to jam. A cajon is a bit bigger and therefore less transportable. I have both and would recommend you get a frame drum first (e.g. about $100) and if you like hand drumming, then you might get a cajon (e.g. $250). Then look at a bongo or even a set of congas.

Check out what a frame drum can do:

This will give you an idea of the wealth of techniques that you can learn and use on frame drums when you are in your dorm taking a break from 19th Century English Literature.

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Djembes are another versatile hand drum

But if your still looking into bongos, I have a pair of Latin Percussion Matadors that I'm very pleased with. You could pick them up for about $150.


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You sold me. Where can I find Frame Drums? Is this actually what they are called? A folk band I play in would be a perfect fit.


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Yeah, If you're looking to jam with guitars or pianos and whatnot, I would recommend getting a cajon or djembe. I have a meinl cajon. this oneI was lucky enough to find mine with the case for $150. And the carrying case is great, it's about an inch thick, really nice. It's great for coffeehouse gigs, or anything acoustic. There's plenty of vids on youtube showing you different ways to play it. I like it better than djembe because sometimes it's awkward to find a comfortable way to sit, but with the cajon, the drum is the seat. Pretty nifty.


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You sold me. Where can I find Frame Drums? Is this actually what they are called? A folk band I play in would be a perfect fit.
You will have to do your own leg work to find these instruments in your area. Most music stores here in Abu Dhabi sell frame drums from Pakistan or India ($15 - $30). They are a great value and very versatile. With these I sometimes even put one between my legs and use brushes on it. I also own three Cooperman (Glen Valez Mediterrasian line) and they are pro quality drums. http://www.cooperman.com/coopermanhanddrums.php

N.Scott Robinson has an informative article about frame drumming if you want more information: http://www.nscottrobinson.com/framedrums.php

Best wishes