Looking to buy a drum-related T shirt


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Hi guys

Bit of an odd question but, as I'm heading into London over the weekend, I was wondering if anyone knew anywhere close to the centre that might sell drum-related clothing?

Ideally I'd love a Ludwig, Yamaha or Istanbul Mehmet branded T shirt but, as I've always used Vic Firth sticks, Evans heads and a Gibraltar throne, I'd be happy with those too.

I'd prefer to buy over the counter rather than online tho. I bought some t shirts only yesterday and ranged from a medium in one brand to an extra extra large in the other. :)

Here's hoping someone knows of a place. Failing ideas I may just head to Denmark Street and see what's available there.

Many thanks.


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I go to London fairly often, and I think your best bet would be to go to a drum or music shop.

In London, there are several, so use Google and find one near where you are going to be.

I've been to:
- Tom's Drum Shop
- Footes
- London Drum Shop

I don't think they really make stores that specialize in drum company apparel, so those are probably your best bets

Matt Bo Eder

I was looking on eBay and there are a lot of vendors who sell drum-related apparel. Mostly t-shirts. So if you can't find anything in-person you could try that too.


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Just bought one from Drum World in Tulsa. It says "Will Drum for Food". You can probably buy them over the phone.

ron s

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Not to hijack your thread Mart, but I just want to say Ludwig is missing opportunities to sell wearables. I looked on their website and they have a very limited selection. I got a Ludwig 60's logo shirt from eBay.

Would love an atlas shirt like Bun E Carlos has on in the club date Se video, or even a zip up hoodie with logo to wear while loading in and out. Can't find either one. Local Luddy dealer can't get anything either.

I would think manufacturers make a little profit and get free advertising from wearables.

How many of us had (still have) a Zildjan shirt back in the day?

Good luck on your quest, please post pics of whatever you end up with.


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Thanks for all the replies. Alas I returned from London sans T shirt. The only one I found was a Vic Firth one but it was gold and pink and didn't go with my eyes.

I'll have to consider an online purchase I guess. Just worried about sizing.


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I'm a Pork Pie guy and their website has all kinds of apparel. Seems like other manufacturers should jump into the 21st century and sell wearable gear for their buyers and endorsers.


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I love a pork pie, Melton Mowbray do nice ones! :)

I've contacted the Ludwig UK distributor and had no luck their either.

Oh well, I tried.


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You can also make your own quite easily with Photoshop, an inkjet color printer and a kit from Avery or similar label maker. Of course this might involve copyright or trademark violations...and that would be wrong.


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While I really do understand the tribal identity side of wanting a drummy shirt, I don't really get the urge to pay money for the privilege of advertising some corporation's product.

If you look on ebay there are heaps of drum related shirts for your perusal and purchasing delectation.


I don't really get the urge to pay money for the privilege of advertising some corporation's product.
I see your point but if you like a brand, want to identify with that brand, and you can't get it for free, what else are ya gonna do?

OP this might be more work than you're willing to put in, but if you're willing, this is how you can get around the sizing issues online:

1. Find a drum shirt you like
2. Either zoom in on the tag if it's available or contact the supplier and ask them what brand the shirt is (shirts are almost never made in-house but instead screened onto a "blank", and there are only a handful of major brands)
3. Find a local vendor that carries the shirt blank -- somewhere in a fashion district will have them, or you can even purchase fairly cheaply on EBay
4. Figure out your size
5. Order with confidence