Looking to add an electronic drum pad to my acoustic kit.


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I'm thinking of purchasing a drum pad to add on to my set. Something that will enable me to add a more electronic, techno-like sound and also some congo, tabla, etc. settings. I'm in a jam band and hoping it will add a lot more depth to our jams.

Price is also an issue, as I'm looking for one somewhere below $800.

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!


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Check out the Roland SPD-S sampler. Mine, used, cost me $325. Has all the sounds/drums you mentioned, plus, as a sampler, you can load your own "stuff" into is, as well. My "newest" addition is a Korg Wave drum. Cost me $425.​
Get 'em both, you're still under $800.​
Check this out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rxgdcw2Cawo Wave Drum, SPD-S, and Mandala.​
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