looking into trick pedals


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so right now i play an axis A longboard double pedal. i love the way it feels but i have gotten some slipping with my slave pedal, i think its the connecting rod because its round so it slips easy. so im looking into the trick pro 1 V bigfoot double pedal. from what i can tell the connecting rod is also round with the trick pedals as well. for all of you that own the trick double pedal have you had any slipping at all anywhere?
the trick pedals look really great but they are a bit pricy. but if they play great then they seem worth the money.


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I've got the first version of the linkage on the Trick double pedal, and they've made an upgrade. Mine seems great, with none of the 'lag' of the DWs. Whatever they've upgraded has supposedly made it even better.



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Round, yes. Slipping, no.

This might be redundant, but I assume you've tried to tighten the connecting rod screws.

My "A" hasn't slipped yet.

Just wondering...why spend $$$ on a new Trick when all you might need is a connecting rod that would be a fraction of the price?