Looking into Remo Black Suede (whatever) for all my drum heads.


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It's time I get new heads since my old ones are dented and have been used a lot.

Is the Back Suede that different from regular Ambassadors? I have played two sets with the regular Ambassadors and I like those a lot, but the black suede intrigues me.


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Hey man. So yea black suede heads are really cool, not only asthetically, but sonically as well.

When talking about snares, a very popular head amongst pro's is the Black Suede BLACK-X head which is basically the same thing as the Emperor-X, same thickness and the same dot in the middle. The only difference with the BLACK-X is that it has a matte finish so there is no reflection and the sound is generally darker.

With toms, BS Emperor over BS Ambassador is always a good choice. They have the same qualitites as a standard Emperor or Ambassador but again, a darker sound.

Lastly, with kick drums, the BS Powerstroke 3 is the really the only option for both the front and the batter side. Just darker sounding again.

Oh and the collest part about the Black Suede line is that it even includes a BS snare-side head! (3mil. in thickness)

Hope this helped!
- Max