Looking for Tom Suspension Mount Solution


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Hello everyone,

I recently got my very first drum set back, after a 10-year separation. They are Premier Royale APKs. I have cleaned them up, put new heads on, and replaced all the old oxydized tension rods on the toms. They really are a lovely and full sounding kit, especially the big over-sized toms. I was going to give them away, but now I am going to keep them.

One thing I noticed is a large degradation in sound, of the 12" tom, when I mount it. I can tune it over a wide range, and it sounds great, but as soon I mount it, the sustain is reduced by 75%, and the sound is dominated by an unpleasant ringing. It's the old system, where the bracket is screwed through 2 verticle holes in the shell. I have a fancier set of Premiers that use the R.I.M.S. hoops, where the same style bracket is screwed to 2 similar holes on the R.I.M.S. side plate. I think the bracket on the old 12" tom will fit to the side plate of either of these :



Has anyone used either of these ? I recently bought an alloy R.I.M.S. hoop for another 14" tom, from another set, from Gauger Percussion, but it was pretty expensive. I don't want to put much more money into this old kit. The shiney chrome Cannon one might look better, but the Gibraltar hoop might work better ? Any experienced insight is mucho appreciado !