Looking for this practice pad...


Hi Guys,

I have a practice pad from the mid 60's. Yeah, I'm an old fart. Anyway, this pad has two nice features to it. One side had gum rubber and the other is just wood.
The wood side is great for practicing brushes. You remember them right! LOL...
Anyway, due to the years of use, I've accumulated a few "dings" on the wooden side. Every now and then the brush will catch one of the dings.

I'm reluctant to use a fine grit sandpaper to smooth it out because I want to preserve the original design. So I'm asking those of you here who might know of a pad like this. I've been checking online with the various companies but have yet come across one. If you do know of one, please let me know.


MDslammer / Mark
Las Vegas, NV


Red Menace

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Mark, I wouldn't know where to find a wooden pad like the one that you have there. I think that would have to be a custom job or something that a boutique builder makes. Is it a 14"?

A modern replacement that comes to mind is the Sabian Quiet Tone.

Another option is to take a plastic putty knife and some wood filler and fill those dings. Maybe a couple coats of a clear coat to protect the underside and your pad is good to go for another 50 years. You could even rough up the dried clear with a quick sanding to simulate a coated head.


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Ahead makes a double sided practice pad, with one side for sticks and one side for brushes.