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On my little contemplation...

So here it goes. I enjoy my current kit (PDP MX) but ever since I bought my Paiste traditional hats two years ago I have wanted to downsize my kit to "jazz" sizes (18 inch bass, 12 and 14 inch toms). Now that I have my Bosphorus Turk ride, the itch for a kit like that is growing on me...So I was thinking about the Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz kit. I have seen good things and know that Gretsch makes quality equipment. I was thinking about selling the majority of my current set and buying the Gretsch but I'm not sure what I'll be keeping and such...I'll have to price everything out later. I guess I'm hoping to get a bit more money for my Pacific that what the Gretsch is worth, hopefully making money out of this ordeal and being even happier with my kit. I'm just wondering what you guys think about a move like this and if you would think that it is a fair one. Feel free to comment/critique/scold my plan. I trust your judgement

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