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Hey all, Ive been away from drums for about 8 years I was doin vocals but wanna get back into it. I previously had a really nice and pretty expensive sonor mid range set with paiste signature cymbals. But now I dont really have much of a clue as to what set to buy. I have a limited budget (about £350). I reckon Im able to get myself a mapex v series fusion(slightly used kit) set (replace remo ux heads with pinstripes). Cymbals are those sabian solar, I was thinkin of only keeping ride and ditching hi hat and crash and Im pretty sure i can pick up a half decent hi hat.splash and crash on ebay ...with stuff im watching at the minute on ebay I reckon I can stay within the £350 mark. So yeah what you people think of kit idea and also any advice on cheap but reasonably decent cymbals???

Thanks in advance!


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go for it mate! :) sounds like a good plan, and a very do-able one :). good luck :). lol this just goes to show... once a drummer, always a drummer :)


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Ok some opinions...a pdp cx series set(a used shell pack goin for maybe £350) compared to a well tuned mapex v series set...I mean I know the pdp is gonna be way superior , but ...are we talking a whole different level altogether or could the mapex kit with some nice heads and correct tuning do a good job,(and of course save me alot of money) ...what yas think??
oh and thanks for comments guys, its really appreciated!


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So after 2 weeks of searching for a bargain , I got myself a 6 piece sonor 2005 full birch set, and now Im trying to do the same with cymbals...so far I got an XS20 crash and a ZXT ride and hats....just need another crash, splash and perhaps a china and I have done it ...and its looking as though I am coming in under the £500 mark for the lot...the drums are like new btw and the sound is unbelievable!!....to think I was gonna buy a new 5 piece mapex v kit and paiste pst 3 cymbals and was gonna have to pay more....EBAY is your friend people.....and Im back drumming after an eight year lay off...yeeeehaaaaa!!!!


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Welcome back Peetzo. Congratulations on the nice score. However there's a problem...
There's a charge for leaving and coming back....unless you got your hand stamped or had to serve.

JK good to have you back