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Hey everyone. So i'm in the market for new kit. I know what I'm looking for, but I don't know what current kits/brands fit my criteria. If anyone wanted to give some suggestions, or just share their opinions on anyone else's recommendations, that would be awesome! Not looking for someone to do all the research for me, just looking to open up a dialogue!

My criteria is basically just a warm sounding kit. Looking for those lows and mids. I've read mostly that Maple and Mahogany are good for that, not sure exactly how much of a difference there is.

Size-wise I'm definitely looking for deeper toms, and at least a 22" kick drum. Also, I never really stray from a 5 piece, and often only use one rack tom.

For budget, i'm looking for something in the $1500 (Canadian) range.

Anyhow, thanks in advance to anyone wanting to chime in!
While this may not be the popular suggestion I would take a hard look at what Dixon has been doing lately. No joke. They are producing some very nice looking, no frills, inexpensive drums that sound pretty damn good. For instance, take a look at their website and customize an Artisan Maple/Bubinga and select the size drums you want. Obviously, if your local music store carries them, take a turn playing on a kit.

If not them, think about looking at Canadian produced George Way, as they offer maple and mohagany. Hope that helps.

I recently asked this forum the same question and I received lots of suggestions and these two are among the companies I'm looking at.
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My advice is Mapex Saturn. Great sound, top quality and are really well priced for what you are getting.
You know I hadn't even considered a Mapex, in general, because I have never heard one except for way back in the day (1998 perhaps) -- and I just watched a video of a Saturn being played by a drum dealer advertising it -- and the other posters are right. They seem perfect for what you are looking for.

This is why this drum forum rocks!


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Ill also agree with the Saturn but will toss in the Sonor Ascent (Beech), Yamaha Live Custom (Oak) and Yamaha Rock Tour (Mahogany) if you can find one.