Looking for Options(Hardware/Software) to create clicktracks/backtracks


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Hi DW, I am trying to work on my timing and different time signatures for songs that we play @ church. I have been using a tama rhythm watch up until recently (im not sure what went wrong with it but it slows down/speeds iup noticably for no reason). So because of this i am on my long journey of finding a way to create backtracks/ clicktracks with different time signatures in 1 song.

I have been told to try a MPC 2000, and also certain software.

I am looking for the best option to go with. cheap and expensive...

And this will be used for live playing also so weather software or hardware its going to be heard by everyone so i would like more sounds than just a click and something i can customize myself..

Thanx in advance


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You might have to use free audio editing software (maybe Sonar is a good choice for PC users) to edit the parts together and render a single audio file. Or get another Rhythmwatch.


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Tried sonar but its a bit tough for me, i need some options that are fairly easy its only to make click tracks with. any other use friendly programs out there or hardware that someone has used that can suggest one?