Looking for new inspiration


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Hey guys! looking for some new music/ and drummers to check out. Any suggestions?? Trying to find challenging stuff that will get me eager to practice!

Push pull stroke

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David Garibaldi is tremendous at linear grooves. What are you looking for? Tremendous hand technique? Linear skills? Subtle jazz musicianship?


Some of these may be a little "out there" but hey, you asked lol:

Martin Dosh
Brian Chippendale
Jon Theodore
Gabe Serbian
Greg Saunier


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Listen to Stanton Moore's solo stuff. Check out anything with Andy Newmark on it. Vinnie is always inspiring.


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It's always fun to pick one song on Youtube to play to and then just let it keep going with more selections-which will initially play other songs of same band (or another bands version of same song) and then just picks out something new it appears (not sure how it does but don't think it's random) -which I keep adding the ones I like to my favorites. I discovered Mingo Fishtrap, Fearless flyers and Brownout doing exactly that.