Looking for Jazz solos in 3/4 to transcribe


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Hi guys, do you know and jazz solos in 3/4? I have transcribed a couple of max roach's solos and i want to transcribe more solos in 3/4 from different drummers. I've searched a lot and i've found an Art Blakey solo on Kozo's Waltz, but besides that nothing more. Do you know any songs from the bob greats Art Blakey, Philly Joe Jone, Jimmy Cobb, Elvin Jones, Tony Williams etc that are in 3/4 and have a drum solo? Or maybe more modern drummers like Ari Hoenig or Brian Blade?

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The only solo in 3/4 I am aware of is "The Drum Also Waltzes." But since you've been transcribing Roach, you've probably heard of that.

Bruford did a version of TDAW on the album "Flags."
Neil Peart has used TDAW in his solos for years.
Steve Smith has covered it also.

I use it to warm up. It's such an awesome thing to play to as far as developing independence.