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My band recently starting gigging out again. We're playing fairly small places. I'm just looking for ideas (preferably pictures) of different ways to set up the kit.. Currently my kit is set up similar to this

Only difference is I'm a lefty so simply reverse the image. In other words kick drum is on the left foot and the hi-hat is on my right. I prefer keeping the "mickey mouse look" in relation to the toms over the snare, but I'm trying to keep my mind open to new suggestions. I'll try to take some pics of my current set-up to give you an idea of what I'm working with. In the meantime, any help (hopefully pictures) would be greatly appreciated.



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Stay with what you are comfortable with. If space is limited, only use one floor tom and maybe use a few multi-clamps to do away with some cymbal stands. That is ,of course, if you use more cymbals than what is pictured. You really can't get much smaller. Going with only one tom doesn't really save you any space either.


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Not sure what your band genre of music is or how much drumming you do. But this is what I do.

If I'm playing with Jazz/Fusion group. I'll set up a 4-pce. Since I'm not swatting flies. I am focusing on keeping a groove with mostly HH/Snare & Kick work.

If I'm playing Rock, I will add a tom to allow for more rolls and separation of tom notes. It just sounds better to me have more toms to beat on for Rock or Metal.


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You could try putting a floor tom on the hat side, but this commonly turns into a "table" of some type. Or go with the Stephen Perkins/Jimmy Chamberlain(and many more I m sure) set up with the bigger tom reversed with the smaller tom arrangement. Take a look at the Marco Minnemann setup. Theres endless combos and no reason you cant change it up everytime you play.Have fun with it and be creative. If you wanna blow minds, show up with a bongo as a bass drum, use cymbals as toms, Zil-bel for a snare and a steel drum for the cymbals. Be sure to record that one though. The soundguy might hate you...but all of us here would be instant fans. = )

I d like to ask you... what s your objective for this? Are you uncomfortable when you play? Are you wishing to change styles? Just curious/exploring possibilities? Bored? I m kidding around obviously, but what dont you like about your current setup that isnt working for you?


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If it is a small venue you may not have room for two floor toms. Maybe 1 up and 1 down.


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according to my guitar player, who's been there before, there's enough room for my usual kit, minus the rack. I'm just looking for different ideas on set up.