Looking for ideas/suggestions for a cover song.

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Our band is in the finals of a battle of the bands. We have to do an assigned cover song.

We were given Back in Black by AC/DC.

As the drums aren't the most difficult, is there a line I should draw with going to far outside the drumming? I want to add some double bass in one of the choruses just some straight 16th notes.

If you have some suggestions let me know.

We play a pop-punk style.

The concept for the cover is that we make it our style.

Thanks, Justin


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The drum track for Back In Black is one of the signatures of the song, so if you were going to stay true to the original, I wouldn't go far outside the original drum track at all.

However, since you're making it "your own", you're obviously free to do whatever you want. It's impossible for me to give you specific advise though, seeing as I have absolutely no clue what your band sounds like. However, I think simplicity is still key. Work on adapting it to your style, but keep it simple. Back In Black isn't a song that is written to showcase chops in general, and drumming chops least of all, so focus on getting a really solid groove first and foremost. The reason Phil Rudd is held in such high regard among drummers is because of his inhuman groove (and the fact that he's a human metronome), so see if you can hook on to that somehow.


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Think about the way you and your band would like to present the song. Your shared vision will dictate what is appropriate to play.

My band used to do a reggae version of War Pigs by Black Sabbath. That lent itself to the style of playing for each instrument.

If you guys are doing an amped-up, punk version of AC DC, allow that motif to shape it.

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Are there rules concerning cover songs?. Do you need to make it sound exact or do you have the liberty to expand. I would find out about the rules first. But it seems to me you won't want to wander too far. Unless they are grading on originality.

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I wouldn't go no more than 2 measures on the double-bass where he's singing "i'm back in black, yes, I'm back in black" (solo). I would put in some double-bass chops, but really short, well placed ones. That's all I can suggest.


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Are you trying to win this battle of the bands, or just get exposure and have fun? If you want to win, I wouldn't suggest you stray too far from the original. Musicians may think the variation of the song sounds cool, but if the audience is voting, you will likely take a hit because the general public wants to hear the version they know.

The most important part of this song is the vocals, followed by the guitar riffs. If your singer can't sing the song like the original (or at least in the same style), then you may have trouble pulling this off. I don't think a little double bass would be a bad thing, but don't go overboard.


How about after each line of " Back In Black" you do a quad on the bass drums. Just a little something different.


Sounds like they're asking the BAND to make it their own. Not just the drummer. With that said, if you're band is doing something musically with the song that allows you to throw some double bass in the mix then go for it. But if the band is playing it like the recording then your best to stick to the original. Always play for the song.