looking for an electronic kit ( on a budget)

Ok I know I don't want to be a complete cheap ass so I was looking to get by and spend $400-$500 used kit.

anyone have any suggestion’s ?

thanks !


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Stick with Yamaha or Roland


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You've got a "budget", and you're gonna buy "used" (smart, more bang for your buck)...... just look at Craig's list and eBay, and see what you can find. My 13 year old nephew just scored a Yamaha DT Explorer with small practice amp, headphones for $500.​
Don't expect to slide into a high end V-drum or Yamaha Xtreme for cheap. I'll be taking delivery of a Yamaha kit on Tuesday (5 pads and the drum rack) .... landed ..... off eBay ..... for $173.99. Added to a Roland TD-7 module that I got for free, very affordable e-kit. Roland TD-3, 4, 5, and 6's all should fall within your budget.​


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Are Roland and Yamaha and Pintech etc. all compatible.

Do the pads work with each other?

I was thinking about buying a rack and brain and then piecing the rest of the kit together with the best gear I could find on C-list and ebay.

Has anyone done anything like this before?

Am I just asking for a major headache?


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I've run Pintech triggers with Roland stuff, and currently have Yamaha pads plugged into a Roland Module. All seem to "play well" with each other.


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