Looking for a stick holder...


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Looking for a stick holder that will clamp on to a horizontal 1.5" diameter tube, namely the rack from my DTXPress. Seems like all the holders I've found are meant to clamp to smaller, vertical tubes.

Have a feeling this is going to turn into a DIY thing...


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Great, thanks, guys.

Gruntersdad, will that one clamp on to a 1.5" tube? It'd be perfect if it did. Maybe I'll just get one, use it elsewhere on my drum set if it won't fit the rack tube.


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Try www.qwikstix.com, very versatile holders and they have a few clamp size options. One clamp they sent fits on my Pearl rack legs, which are probably 2"!



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Best stick holder i've seen was a coil shaped toast rack. The guy had locked it onto his bass drum, could easily gaffa tape one to your tube.


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I didn't have the cash for a stick holder and the price of some of those and what they are made out of I was like, Really?

I took a paper towel tube - cover one end with cardboard, tape it up good. Take a piece of string or wire and attach one end to the cardboard bottom and the other piece near the top. Now using a binder clip or 2 clip the wire/string to the stand of your choice. Ta-da! Now you have a stick holder that holds up to 2 pair of sticks, depending on the size and will clip on to a round folding music stand. If you get bigger binder clips you can get to attach to something else.



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Best stick holder i've seen was a coil shaped toast rack. The guy had locked it onto his bass drum, could easily gaffa tape one to your tube.
That's a Ludwig L-13245-H hoop mount stick holder.
This works great, I have a couple and it's more convenient than a stick bag (which is still on my ft on a gig).


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Don't know what your rack setup is like, but I have a sidewing, to which I attach a legless hi-hat stand, electric drum trigger, sheet music holder (when I need one), fan (in hot weather), vocal mic stand, etc. I leave the end open and slide the sticks in there. One less thing to lug to gigs, and it was free. :)


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Do not get the dixon one. I have it, and the places you can clamp it are very limited. Get a stick bag that hangs off your floor toms :)
I have the dixon one and I have been using it for over 10 years now and you can clamp it to any tube, cymbal stand, tom arm, drum stool, snare stand, rack tube, etc. Mine has been clamped to my high hat stand for many years now and it works great. The problem I find with stick bags is I dont care for them hanging between me and the floor tom as my leg hits it all the time or I have to push the tom farther away than I like it and if the bag is hung further around the floor tom its harder to see what particular stick you are grabbing as I have several different types in mine, then you have to reach further to get them which might not be that easy to do if you happen to need a new stick mid song. Plus some people seem to think a stick bag resting on one side of your tom will change the tone and resonance of it, either way I still keep all my sticks in a bag on the floor but always have a few in the stick holder on my high hat stand for easy access when needed.
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