Looking for a Remo Mondo snare drum


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Hey guys, I whizzed back through the old threads and have been searching for awhile on Reverb, Ebay, and the like. Does anyone know where i get this hard to find drum? You know, the snare with a remo mondo head. Are they that rare? I'd love to have one for coffeehouse open mics and the like. My town has a huge open mic scene, with one every night of the week almost and lots of acoustic players. I know remo re-issued it a few years ago (or more than a few years ago now maybe!) and would like to know if any of you guys have one for sale, or know of a drum builder who could make me one. I'm afraid it will be pricey either way, but is there one out there?


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Man my buddy had a whole kit. Was a cool noverly, didnt get much use tho. Ill check to see if he still has and is looking to sell. If so Ill chime back in.


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Hard to find is right! I can find a million pictures of one on Google but not a single one for sale. I think they only made so many and the people who own one do not want to part with it. I think they are cool. I wouldn't want a whole kit but I really really want the snare! I remember Jay Bellerose way back when he was with Paula Cole had a funky kit with djembe with snares on it for his main snare. I've watched the youtube vids on them. They sound surprisingly normal for the head that is one when played with sticks and the snares on.


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Rumor has it, Remo will make 'em special order. I got lucky and scored one off eBay a few years ago.​
One sold last December on eBay ..... $350.​