Looking for a Pingy Ride


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I would argue, however, that it did one other thing extremely well, it made me want to purchase better cymbals.


For sure. The cymbal is useless except for ping. A Zil-Bel will do the same thing in a much smaller package.


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Agree with your assessment of the K Custom Hybrid, except for the bell sound. My bell sounds horrible. Very weak with a narrow sweet spot. Bought the cymbal as part of a pack I bought online, so I didn't have the benefit of hearing it in advance. Perhaps I just ended up with a bad cymbal. Happens.


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The Sabian Raw Bell Dry Rides are not only pingy, but also very musical. If you like pingy, you really can't go wrong with these. They come in all 4 flavors: AA/AAX/HH/HHX. I had the HH first but traded it for the AA which is a little more lively. They all have killer bells.

Damn straight.

My AA Sabian Heavy Ride has a devastating bell.


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Had a Zildjian Z 21"Mega Bell Ride. Best "Ping" Cymbal I have ever owned.