Looking for a long cowbell holder for mounting on the bass drum hoop

I play 18" or 20" bass drums and sit pretty high, so the cowbell ends up pretty low / below my knees. Is there a model with a longer rod so that I can get the cowbell to a more convenient height? Manufacturers / Stores don't seem to provide the length, so I guessed that some of you guys might have some more information. Thanks!


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Why not just get a long cowbell. Or improvise like me and use a metal bathroom trash can.


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The cheaper option would be to use whatever clamp you already have and contact INDe Drum about making you a custom length aluminum rod. About 10 bucks.


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Or go to home depot and get an aluminum rod for like $3 and cut it to size
Or steel rod. I pay @ $12 USD for 10' sticks of 3/8" round bar. I have scraps upon scraps, so if anyone wants a length, pm me.
I can also bend to your specs.


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Yes for a straight rod, but If you need an L rod, chances are you'll have a hard time bending it yourself.
nope. Aluminium rod is easily bent by hand, just use a vise.


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I had the same issue on an 18" bass drum. I happened to have a straight rod from some other cowbell/percussion mount that I acquired at some point. I just secured that rod to the bass drum cowbell mount's rod with small hose clamps. It sticks up several inches higher...