Looking for a lightweight throne

At home and the studio I play on Roc-N-Soc nitro thrones. Those things are great but too heavy to carry around. I realize that I can't expect that kind of comfort out of a light weight throne, but is there something close? For under $100? Thanks!
If you're willing to sacrifice comfort, this is probably your best bet.

2" of padding is not really enough, unless you weight less than maybe 140 lbs.

Thanks! This could work. I’m 135. Everything I’ve bought from Yamaha has been high quality.


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Try a Mapex Rebel Throne. Folds very compactly, is very light and is under $40:

The seat/cushion leaves a lot to be desired, but there is a trick:

Go to your local craft store/Hobby Lobby/AC Moore etc and get a small (12" x 12") piece of 2" thick foam, like the kind used for pillows. Trace around the seat on the foam and cut the foam to the exact diameter of the seat. Then place the foam on the seat. Works great. To look all professional about it, get one of these:

Place the foam on the seat, then place the fleece cover on the seat (it's deep enough to cover both the seat and foam with no issues). Tighten the drawstring on the fleece cover. This is what I use. Work great and I don't have to carry a heavy throne base around, and the throne base, when folded up, takes up less room than a DW Ultralight Cymbal stand (and it probably weighs the same or less). It's very comfortable and stable. It works great for me. I'm 6'3" and about 185 and I sit pretty high, even for my height. I use it on the highest setting and it works fine. If you need it any higher, you can always drill an additional hole in the adjustable center post. The best part is, the fleece cover is easy to remove and wash if need be.
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