Looking for a Bright, Pingy, Crashable Ride


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Hey guys, I'm after my second ride cymbal.

After trying a few Sweet Rides, the Armand Ride, Ping Ride, and Medium Ride, I'm unhappy with what Zildjian has to offer and have decided to just look at whatever is out there.

The only cymbal I really have fallen in love with is a 22" Armand Ride Prototype that a co-worker of mine got from the Zildjian Prototype Tour that I was sick for. :/

Anyway, I'm looking for something bright enough to cut through the guitars in my Blues/Rock band but also be crashable. I'd love a 20" A Custom crash, but I've only seen one of those ever and can't find one anywhere else. So any recommendations would be nice.


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I'm an all out Sabian guy, for a crash to use as a ride, I'd say Sabian 20" AAX metal crash. I know they've got a bunch of great rides, AAX Metal, AA metal-X, HH leopard, HH power bell, all the Raw-bell dry rides, I don't know about the crashability of any of these, my own ride is a custom extra heavy raw ride, which is not crashable at all... sounds like a gong.

there's the new AAX Studio ride which seems to be crashable as per this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvqTl-0zrTM, that one looks promising


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Let me be the first one in the thread to suggest Paiste's Giant Beats. They're bright, but not gratingly so, and have a pleasant silvery wash to them under a defined articulation. They're especially good as large crashes. But you know how it goes, try it in person before you buy.


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nobody can say, ya gotta use your ears
but try Paiste GB, 20, Sabian Memphis Ride (21?), Paiste 2002 20 or 22


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Quite a few here: http://www.drummerworld.com/forums/showthread.php?t=88313

It's also worth noting that there is a trade off between "ping" and "wash" too. Given that a good wash is what provides a great sounding crash, the two don't really go hand-in-hand. That said, there are indeed quite a few cymbals that will offer a nice blend between the two.......how "perfect" the blend though, comes down to individual ears.
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Take a look at mycymbal.com. They have 2 of the 20" A. Custom Crash cymbals that you can choose from. This is a very reputable site - it is owned and operated by Memphis Drum Shop.


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Didn't get the chance to read this before UFIP came to our store today and won me over with their 21" Bionic crash. The rep explained to me that Modern Drummer labeled this a crash ride, and I couldn't agree more. It's a very bright pingy cymbal until you get to the 3-4" on the end and it sounds like a gorgeous washy jazz cymbal. It's not dark or warm, which I liked on this, but it is certainly washy. The crash is nice and full with a great decay.

I also got it at staff discount, but that's besides the point. :)

Couldn't be happier. Recommend 1,000 times to anyone who is in the situation I was.
It's about ears and feel...already said by old mates here. I would recommend and give a try to a Paiste Giant Beat Ride: 22" but 24"...is something else!