Look what fell into mt lap.


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About a month ago I got together with an old friend and a couple of his friends to jam. When I was packing up my stuff he brought in this old Gretsch 4160 and said that I could have it. It's from the early 60's with the smooth shell and the round badge. I think it originally came with the micro sensitive throw-off. Somewhere along the line a Ludwig P-85 throw-off was put on. I don't think that the rims are original. They're flanged and not die-cast. I polished it up as best I could and put an new top head on. I got some Puresound-20 wires to go with it but I haven't installed them yet. I'm looking to replace the throw-off in order to use the straps instead of the strings. I was looking at the Gibraltar deluxe classic strainer. I think that it will fit the hole pattern of the P-85. The new Gretsch Micro sensitive and Lightning won't fit the original holes.

Anyway I used the old wires and some string and played it and it sounds terrific! Brand new this goes for $460, but I'm going to play it not collect it.