"look before you sit"


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That's just plain nasty! :(

There's only one drumming related gear injury story I know that's worse - much worse, & that involved a friend of mine (decades ago) who bent down to pick something up & impaled his eye on the hi hat stand rod. He lost the eye, & very nearly lost his life. The rod penetrated the socket then went nearly 1" into his brain. He suffered permanent significant additional disability.


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construction sites in the US have to out these bright orange plastic pieces on the top of exposed re-bar for just this reason. Do we need something like this for our hi-hat stands. Maybe an inverted cymbal sleeve to stop the impalement.


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I have never thought about that happening. Good thing I always set my throne up (completely) first.


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I had a guitar player grab my throne once because he wanted to reach the light fixture on the ceiling and needed a booster. As he found out, the cheap Tama throne I was using at the time did not have a metal plate under it. As he was standing on the seat the support stem of the throne broke through the top of the seat and the seat went all the way down. He was left standing on the ground, with the stem inches from his crotch. Had it gone down differently and he didn't catch himself standing, he'd be sterile for sure.