"Longer" 7A drumsticks - suggestions?


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Hi All,

I've been using Zildjian Hal Blaine signature sticks for a while. They are are 7As at 15.25" long and .5" diameter. I llike them very much but I'd like to try a longer stick at about the same thickness or maybe a little thinner. Any suggestions?




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Check out the Vic Firth Ahmir Thompson (?uestlove) signature. They are 7Aish in diameter but 17" long. Pretty versatile as you can hold them in the middle and play quietly and then use the length to whack something harder than you easily could with a conventional 7A. Oddly, in spite of the length, they feel pretty balanced and fast.


+1 on the VF Questlove sticks though it might be a big jump from what you're currently using.

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After trying out a bunch of sticks, I noticed that I liked the hickory sticks around the .54" diameter. However, I think what I really wanted about it was the weight but wanted something a bit bigger in diameter. I ended up going to the maple sticks with diameters around 0.57" (vater sugar maples). If worked great. (not much of a hard hitter :) )

Good luck in your search..
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