Long time lurker with an old Tama kit.

Greetings, friends! Been looking at this thing for a long time and thought it was time I introduced myself and my traps. Name's Luigi and this here's my Tama Rockstar which I've owned for about 15 years now. Pics & Specs below.

1996 Tama Rockstar (Misty Chrome finish)
22"X18" kick
12"X9" rack tom
13"X11" rack tom
16"X16" floor tom
14"X5 1/2" Ludwig Supraphonic snare (late 70s)
(not pictured - 14" X 12" rack tom)

Sabian cymbals
14" AAX Stage Hats
16" AA Medium Crash/8" Bell Splash (stacked)
18" AA Medium Crash
18" AA Medium Thin Crash
20" HHX Chinese
22" Paragon Ride (Neil Peart signature)
8" AAX Splash
10" AAX Splash
12" Ice Bell
14" Wuhan Mini China

Evans drumheads
- G2 coated batter/G1 clear reso on toms
- EQ3 batter/EMAD reso on kick
- Power Center Reverse batter/Ludwig Weathermaster medium reso on snare

Iron Cobra double-bass pedals
Tama & Gibraltar hardware
LP Ridge Rider cowbell

Sorry, not the best camera in the world. Had to brighten it a bit.


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So very shiny. o.o I live how everything has a metallic tinge to it, whether it be chrome, steel or bronze.

Just a shot in the dark but I'm guessing you're into classic rock? Maybe early/80s metal?
Moldy: I am indeed into both. As a matter of fact I play in two bands that cover both styles respectively: Phantom Isle (70s-early 80s heavy progressive rock) and Shadow Of Demise (thrash/death metal). I suppose certain drum configurations do give away the musical style, right?

GRUNTERSDAD: Not quite sure if it does help stimulate botanical growth but they seem to be growing pretty healthy so far. :)

It's also a favorite resting place for my cat, Tiki. Oddly enough I named her after original P-Funk drummer Tiki Fulwood. Go figure!


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Cats love drums. My neighbors cat frequently appears at my studio window or sliding door while I am playing.
I used to practice at a band members house. His wife had a cat. The cat would sleep on my cymbal bag while the band practiced. I would put the bag on the floor right next to my hat stand. The cat would also rub against my hi-hat leg as we played. The noise of the drums didn't affect the cat at all. When we took a break the cat would jump on my floor tom.
I like the drum room and your kit. It looks like a comfortable, relaxing place to play.


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Does the music help the plants grow?

It's funny you should say that actually b/c i remember a mythbusters episode where a pea plant seemed to grow faster when they played metal music compared to softer styles of music and indeed no music at all. Weird really.

Anyway i hear that plants are great for the acoustics. Nice kit setup anyway nice power toms and that.


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I used to have a set of these wen i first started out. Now i have a superstar monster.