long term storage issue with pads in cases?

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sometimes you'll see an old case, with foam pads that over time stick to/adhere to, actually bond to :) the drum or rims in the case. Anyone ever experienced that? Should these cases be avoided for LONG term storage?



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I have an old SKB hard snare case that was stored for a long period of time in an attic. The foam liner fused/melted to the rim of my snare drum. It was definitely due to the excessive heat.

I had to scrape all the foam out with a knife. Now I just wrap the snare drum in a towel before closing the lid.

So yes, excessive heat of maybe 110-130 degrees should be avoided.

Neal Pert

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Same experience as IBitePrettyHard, but mine was not stored in extreme temps. The foam is just old and it sticks to a drum if you store it in there for more than a couple days. Bad scene, though. I've been trying to decide what to do with it.