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I know I’m potentially overthinking this one, but I’ve just ordered a speed cobra kick pedal. I’m wondering about how it’ll pair with hi hat pedals. Anyone who uses a long-board kick pedal - do you use a long board hi hat pedal too? And if not, is there a noticeable difference in feel or playing impact?

Going to try it out for a bit and see how it goes but interested if anyone has any noticeable experience with this.


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I know I’m potentially overthinking this one ....
I do believe you are. I'm playing longboards right now (Pearl P932) with a DW 9550 (remote hi hat system) and transitions back and forth with the left foot are no problem at all.

For almost the entire time I've played drums, I don't think I've had matched hi hat and bass drum pedals. For about 5 years, I had DW 5000 hat and double pedal ..... but many years before and after that, they've always been different makes and models. However .... I think you're always going to feel a difference between the two, simply because they perform two very different functions.


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I've been playing Axis longboards for 16+ years and have DW hats and there aren't any issues for me. I just make sure the pedal plates are at about the same angle so there isn't a lip to catch my foot on when going between the pedals.


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It's not necessary to have a long board HH but I went ahead and got one to "match" my Axis and Speed Cobra pedals. It has nothing to do with the feel though. I use the same HH with my Iron Cobras and never gave it a thought.


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Pearl powershifters and a vintage Ludwig hi-hat for me. No weird feel or playability issues. I wish they matched, but for this my wallet is stronger than my OCD.