London Drum Show 2011....


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I'd love to go there! Unfortunately I have no money right now, bought a set of A Zildjian's and some DW6000 flat stands... :(

Are they allowed to play those Guru's, KIS?

London Drum Show is going to be excellent. I can't decide whether the line-up is as good or not as last year. Last year was great, with huge names and incredible players, but I like how some of the players this year aren't such big names. Lang is there as well of course!!

Doesn't matter anyway. Whoever plays, it is 2 days of drums, drummers, performances, masterclasses and heaps of gear so what more could you want?!?!

The Guru kits look very interesting indeed....Do you mind me asking what the shells are made from and what the idea/concept behind their aesthetic and construction is?


I'm considering it, depending on what my workload is like.

I might actually be able to find you this time, Andy!
I will definitely be coming over to the Guru stand at the show. I am very impressed by what I have seen and read so far. Very interesting.
Yep, I'll be going to this providing I'm not booked up with gigs.
aha, This is the one weekend in the whole year I have said I am not available for gigs!! Booked almost every other weekend this year and think this is a just way to spend a weekend not gigging!!

Can't wait.