London-based drummer needed to complete heavy synth-based punk/goth/pop band.


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Vocalist/songwriter, synth player and guitarist looking for a tight, competent drummer (preferably female) based in London (or near and willing to travel) to complete a heavy synth-based punk/goth/pop band lineup.

The tunes have been influenced by elements of punk, post-punk, darkwave, contemporary altpop, cheese pop, riotgrrrl and techno, including Peaches, The Cure, X-Ray Spex, Gravy Train!!!!, Le Tigre, JD Samson & MEN, The Drums, Blood Orange & Dev Hynes, The Smiths, and Bauhaus.

A full set has been written with another handful of songs half finished. We're ultimately looking for musicians over songwriters, but are also looking for someone who can add some input on their individual instrumental parts.


The only real requirements are a strong image, a big personality, and ability to perform like badass! Own transport and equipment is pretty vital as well.

There are a couple of things that would be amazing benefits though:
* Knowledge of production, live electronics and/or sampling;
* One or more business skills (i.e. sales, marketing, finance, promotion, networking etc etc);

and to a lesser extent:
* Multi-instrumentalism;
* Additional percussion.

* * * * * * * * * * *

We want to take this project as far as possible and really believe that with the right people, the right mentality and a lot of hard work, there's no reason why it can't go a long way. I also want to create amazing connections with amazing people, and have the most fun ever :)

If you're interested, message me at or email at Thanks! x


As a songwriter, vocalist and guitar player, past projects include altpop band Charming Thieves, heavy electro rock band Deville and the acoustic altpop solo moniker Tommy Monroe. Achievements include playing the IndigO2, Great Escape Festival, '08-'10, Beachbreak Festival '09-'11, GuilFest '10, G-Live & Music Week Breakout, showcasing for Twin Music Management & Warner Chappell, trialling for Polydor, supporting Wheatus and Doll & The Kicks, appearing on television programme 'E4 School of Performing Arts,' recording with Marco Pirroni (Adam & The Ants, Sinead O'Connor), recording at Matrix Studios with Grammy-nominated producer Jonas Westling (Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, Sugababes), recording with Adi Winman (Pulp, Suede, Pink Floyd), and reaching the final 12 for the Academy of Contemporary Music Songwriting Competition four years in a row, winning twice.]]]


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I like how you need somebody that fits the image more than needs to be able to play. Anybody can look cool on stage, but without real chops you'll sound terrible. I think you should focus on that.