Local Drum Shops


So, I recently uncovered a gem in my area that opened about two years ago. This guy turned an old barn into a drum workshop/store. I thought this was awesome, because there really isn't any places solely dedicated to drums in my area.

He's got a whole bunch of vintage Gretsch drums and cymbals along with a room and full setup to test and let you play anything before you buy it.

Great to see that they are still holding strong against the bigger box retailers.

Edit: CHBO Drums in New Paltz, NY - http://www.chbodrums.com/
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The closest drum shop I have is about 4 hours away, and I think that there's only one or two drum shops in NC period.


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To be fair, the big box retailers are on their way out. Although, also to be fair, they've been saying that for 5 years. And Guitar Center is STILL in business.

We got one of them '5-star' drum shops here in Portland called Rhythm Traders. I love it. Got so much stuff from them. My Sonors, most of my cymbals, a lot of hardware. There's also Revival Drums, which has all older stuff. Got a 70's Marching Ludwig snare and an old Speed King there within the past year.


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SF bay area:

Only one standalone and it's called Drummers Tradition in San Raphael
Not much new.mostly used.

We got Gelb and Starving, which have pretty good drum shops.
The rest is pretty much GC.