LM400 lug question HELP!


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I have a LM400 shell that needs lugs and rims, replacement ones even on ebay are very expensive ($8-10 each times 10) .. I know I can get the 2 3/8" tube lugs cheaper but prefer not to use them.. my question is will the lug spacing on a black and silver label 5" steel snare be the same size (2 3/8")? I know there are some 10 luggers around and I could use the rims too.. I have seen these go from 50-75 shipped. Hope someone knows the answer to this.


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The hole spacing for Imperials ,and classic bowties is 2 3/16".If you're refering to those import drums,with those kind of Imperial looking lugs,I've never had one of those in my hands,so I don't know.But most of the 300 series imported drums,with black and white parellelogram badge,use classic bowties,which will bolt on to a supra without drilling holes.

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The ebay lug market is unbelievably overpriced. I think ridiculous at times.

If you don't care if they are original stock Ludwig....You can get tube lugs (non Ludwig) for about $ 5 each at Drum Factory. They look awesome on an LM400 as pic above showed.