Lliam 21 months old and wanting to JAM


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that is so awesome get up and runnin he'll be a prodigy!
Dude, same thing I thought when he started playing this little Christmas drum my wife and I bought him. This summer he just had to put down some of his rifts and so I knew that he was going to be a player. SO COOL...he has always been into music since he was born. He get fussy, put on music and he was pacified!


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Great going, lliam!! Dad, I'd look into ear protection for him, if this is happening often.


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Awesome, man. Its never too soon to start the young 'un on the simple joys in life. Its funny, today I was with my son, who ll be 4 in October tell me that he loves Porcupine Tree! I mean... What more could I ask for?? lol. We need more kids introduced to musical instruments and good music(the kind that stirs an "actual" interest) these days. I see young Liam is getting a great start.

I ve said this before somewhere, but the technology available these days is a blessing in disguise... and by that I mean - while it seems like a great thing, its actually more of an inhibitor to the way we grow up. I could go on, but I ll just say this = I will never raise my son to be reliant on anything that can be turned on and off with a button. I m killin' myself by not rantin n ravin on and on, but I trust you catch my drift. If you want me to drift a little further, I will....

Anyway, thats some good stuff there. I see big things in Liam's future, keep up the good influence, man! : )))

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It`s so awesome to see when children have the early opportunity to try and check out a musical instrument.
Hope he keeps this interest over a long time.

We never know what will be in twenty years if he keeps it up and discovers the joy and fun.

Great video, so nice to see Jim!! =)