liveBPM - Rhythm Analyzer (Android)

Hello Drummerworld community!

I want to advertise my app in this forum. I hope, this is fine with you.

To introduce myself, I am drumming since about 8 years and I have been following the idea to create educational software for drummers for a long time already. My drumming development was based around gaining the ability to lead the tempo in a band. My first teacher had major influence on that.
A few years back from now, I got interested in analyzing my own playings via self-written software. I have been playing around with some real-time drumming analyzing software prototypes, and suddenly I made major improvements in my tempo keeping/leading skills. About a year back from now, I decided that I want to professionalize my work to share it with the public. I have set me high quality measures to ensure its accessibility to a large audience. Now, I have finally fulfilled those!

liveBPM does run on android and is available as free demo (runtime limited) and as paid full version:

I would have given you some free promocodes, but sadly, the android market does not provide such a feature. However, I plan to do this when the iphone version is ready!

Finally, I would love to get feedback! :)

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Really good idea, bot it isn't compatible with my device (HTC Legend). ¿Any chance to make it compatible on the play store?

Could you upload the demo .apk so I could try it?

Unfortunatly, I cannot support your device right now. My application makes extensive use of floating point calculations. Therefore, I have made my application available only for devices with Armv7+ CPU (most of the newer android phones are supported).
There is some troublesome way to support your device, but this would require some serious time investment, which I cannot spare right now. For example, "Teamspeak" and "Firefox" are dealing with the same kind of issues and are not available for your device either.
Maybe, I will include support for your device (and similar ones) in a few (1-3?) months.

Internally, it does recognise note values, but there is currently no way to show them to the user. Certainly, this would be a nice feature. Maybe, my software will be able to do this at some point in the future.
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