Live near Florida? Trade a snare for my Ludwig MWP?

Some of you may recall the 'contest' that Uncle Larry ran a while back giving away some Black Beauty snares. My life story was so sad that he decided to send me a full classic Ludwig Marine White Pearl shell set. It was pretty cool of him and I've enjoyed owning it.

But sadly I cannot take it with me. And while I could sell it I would kind of like to "keep it in the family".

I am able to take a snare with me though. And I would really like to trade for a unique and/or classic snare.

So if you are near Plantation Florida (or you're willing to pay shipping) and you have a cool snare you'd like to trade for my Ludgwig MWP shell pack, please reply and let me know, we'll see what we can work out.

I can post pictures if needed but it's a very white 1976 Ludwig Marine White Pearl 24/12/13/16 shell pack with carry cases, tom tree, tom legs, and bass spurs. If you're into classic drums you'd really like them.