Live music bars/clubs in North Bend WA/Seattle.


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G'day to all my fellow DrummerWorld mates worldwide,
especially those from North Bend WA &Seattle/Wahington.
As i'm visiting your country for the very 1st time(&very 1st ever overseas trip) next month.Is there any famous live music bars, clubs either in North Bend, Seattle i could either walk to or catch a bus to?.What about specific drum shops/stores?,
As i'd like to buy a Humes&Berg 24"Enduro case&Remo CS smooth white heads(both products NOT available here in Australia),


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North Bend is a pretty small town within 30 minutes' drive to Seattle, so I wouldn't count on too much in the way of incredible music venues there - maybe a coffeehouse or bar, that's it. The town's economy pretty much revolves around being the first/last place to pull over, get a bite, and use the restroom before or after crossing the mountains.

There are Guitar Centers all over the Seattle area; also, Donn Bennett's is a few miles east in Bellevue - Washington state's only five-star drum shop.


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IIRC (I Left Seattle in 2007-ish)

DB's in Bellevue for drums.
Emerald City (Jay Boone) downtown for guitars.
Bass Northwest downtown for bass
Guitar Center - They sell some stuff
There's a new guitar shop in West Seattle, I forget the name.

Up north a bit, you have...

Trading Musician - A place where drug addicts and college students trade in their instruments for cash.
American Music - The only shop I was ever able to find a parking space at.

For clubs, I'd see if the Skylark still exists in West Seattle. My family sold it a few years ago, so I cannot vouch for whether it's still nice or not.