Little video of my playing- What do you think?


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Hi everybody... I recorded this little solo a few weeks back while experimenting with triplet/shuffle patterns and I just thought I'd share it... I know the quality isn't the best, but if you could watch it and then give me any comments about technique, dynamics, ect., that'd be great! :D

Thanks alot!

Jacob G.
Nice job, man. Your style is really loose and I like it. You have a good balance between chops and groove. The only thing I would say is it looks like your holding the sticks really far back, but you obviously have enough control that way to play as fast as you want, so I wouldn't fix what isn't broken!


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I like it too..... You play within your limits showcasing your skills but not trying to be so flashy you lose control. I like the flow you kept going as well. Nice job....... Terry


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why not, you have technique, the solo is interesting, maybe it would be more if there would be more groove. Playing with the dynamics is cool and your technique also. the performance of the solo is just a matter of taste