List you favorite drumming album.


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Dang. Dennis Chambers. Good call, J Man. Also, check out Chambers on Maceo Parker's Shake Everything You Got from Maceo's Roots & Grooves album. There's an immense drum break-down on that track.


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Meshuggah (Tomas Haake) - Destroy Erase Improve

Every song, except Acrid Placidity (no drums)


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I seem to remember Jim Keltner going through what he played on the track and then him recalling that he went to the studio the next day to find an entirely different set of musicians working on the same tune, this time with Bernard Purdie on the drums.
Ending up with Rick Morotta on that track, who was delighted they left in his nuanced open and closing of the hi hats.
There is Youtube video of "Peg" with Purdy on the kit.


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I’ll throw Johnny Rivers Last Boogie in Paris concert in the ring too, and not just cuz they mention me in the name. It’s Jim Gordon, imho the best feeling studio drummer of all time just gloriously overplaying a bunch of pop tunes and it’s a blast, he’s on fire!
Any album with great drums, but no hooks or other significant performances won't get much attention from me. White Pony is one I'll put up. Badmotorfinger. I like a lot of Supertramp. Our Lady Peace. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins on the Foo Fighters. Nevermind. Hot Fuss. Anything by Led Zeppelin. B.O.C. Hendrix/Mitch Mitchell.Too many to name really. Music made just to showcase drum superiority is mastubation. I need other people involved ��


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Gary Novak on Chick Corea Elektric Band II's "Paint the World " cd.

Vinnie Colaiuta on Allan Holdsworths "Secrets" and Zappas "Shut up and play your guitar".

Also Vinnies solo (and general playing) on Holdsworths track "Against the Clock".


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Gary Novak on Chick Corea Elektric Band II's "Paint the World " cd.

Vinnie Colaiuta on Allan Holdsworths "Secrets" and Zappas "Shut up and play your guitar".

Also Vinnies solo (and general playing) on Holdsworths track "Against the Clock".
+1 for Vinnie Shut Up....of course!!

...and of course Spokes...some say hes one of the inadvertent forefathers of linear gospel chops...gee thanks Vinnie


Stave Gadd on Paul Simon "Late in the Evening"

Omar Hakim on Anita Baker "Good Enough".

Dave Weckl on Chick Corea "Light Years" (both album and song name)


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I'm looking for some new music and inspiration. I think this will be good for others in the same boat looking to listen to some new music as well.

Please list you favorite album or a few, and include the band, album, drummer's name (if known), genera, and if you want to favorite song, or why this album is your top pick. (Examples could be chops, groove/pocket, technicality, etc)

Personally I am looking for some albums with drums being the focal point. IE some drum forward jazz and funk would be cool to check out.
Here are some tasty cuts that I find transcendent at times:

Lee Ritenour - Captain Fingers Harvey Mason drums

John Scofield - Dance Me Home Dennis Chambers drums

Steely Dan - The Royal Scam Bernard Purdie drums

Tool - Schism Danny Carey drums

Allan Holdsworth - Velvet Darkness Narada Michael Walden drums

Jean Luc Ponty Imaginary Voyage Mark Craney drums

Bill Connors - Subtracks Weckl drums

Tower of Power What Is Hip David Garibaldi drums


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Regatta de Blanc, the Police - Stewart Copeland.
Do you feel like we do live, Peter Frampton - John Siomos
Blow by Blow, Jeff Beck - Richard Bailey
Return of the Space Cowboy, Jamiroquai - Derrick McKenzie


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In Through The Out Door by Led Zeppelin. Yeah I know this is most people's least favorite Zep album but I love it. Heck I love the drumming on ALL Zep albums but this one's my favorite. They just seem to cut through so clear.


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So, beyondbetrayal, have you listened to any of the suggestions the posters have made? Is there anything you hadn't heard yet? Did any of it interest you?


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Tow albums from my youth that blew me away then and still do:

Chuck Mangione 'Live at the Hollywood Bowl' with James Bradley Jr. Just amazing the perfection and intensity of his playing. Some of the tunes are a bit dated, but the playing is incredible.

Gino Vannelli 'Brother to Brother' with Mark Craney. Rock and funk phrasing just doesn't get any better.